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How Cubans live long but yeah at one tenth costs?

On public-access TV in 1985, Bernie Sanders defended an element of Fidel Castro’s regime: It was rarely mentioned that Castro provided health care to his country. Sanders grumbled that the same could not be said of then-President Reagan. The comment … Continue reading

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The reason why time management ruining us

The eternal human struggle to live meaningfully in the face of inevitable death entered its newest phase one Monday in the summer of 2007, when employees of Google gathered to hear a talk by a writer and self-avowed geek named … Continue reading

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Why Bermuda houses have white stepped roof?

The North Atlantic island of Bermuda has no fresh-water springs, rivers or lakes. So how did humans ever settle there? The secret is in the design of their houses, and particularly the white stepped roof which is still in use … Continue reading

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The Worst Of News For Living Things On Earth

It’s officially the beginning of the end for life on Earth, researchers say. Earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have passed 400 parts per million — long regarded as the point of no return in the battle against climate change. Researchers … Continue reading

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Killing Nineteen Chinese Get Minimal Reporting

In a remote Chinese mountain village, 19 bodies were found. Among the dead was a 3-year-old. Hours later, a young man was arrested in connection with the killings. Had this crime, discovered on Thursday morning, occurred in the United States, … Continue reading

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Impropriety Of Officers With Women Prisoners

They should be controlling, but not too controlling; caring, but not too caring. That’s how one corrections official describes the fine line that prison officers must walk in their dealings with inmates. Veer too far in one direction and you … Continue reading

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Iranian Mullah, Saudi Prince And Taqiyah Traps

Ever since they seized power in 1979, Iran’s ruling mullahs have faced the challenge of forging a synthesis between perception and reality. In almost every case, attempts at replacing reality with the perception of an ideal ends in grief. And … Continue reading

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China stalk Indian warships in Japanese waters

A Chinese naval intelligence ship entered Japanese territorial waters off Kagoshima Prefecture on June 15, just six days after Tokyo filed a strong protest over the entry of a Chinese naval frigate into Japan’s contiguous zone near the disputed Senkaku … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson Neverland Pedophilia Institute

Make no mistake: Michael Jackson wasn’t like the pervert priests who abused and destroyed children in an environment of institutionalized pedophilia. Michael Jackson was a rich and famous freak, so he had his own, private pedophilia institute in order to … Continue reading

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Is Being A Lawyer Actually That Good For You?

That’s easy isn’t it? It’s going to be about stress. Everyone knows too much stress is bad for you and lawyers work too hard. The law’s often complicated and clients frequently stressed themselves, and that makes working with them stressful. … Continue reading

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