About Us

..so much for visiting, reading and now desiring to know us. Well, this niche online educational magazine cum archive is made as a kaleidoscope of life. It came into being from mid of May 2014.

Your brain cells get flooded with a huge wave of info on a daily basis. Be it from newspaper, television, radio, social network, email forward or cellphone update. It becomes an unnerving task to segregate the essential from the chaff. The actual from the propaganda. The unbiased from the biased. The real from the fake. The serious from the silly.

Add to it the unwanted overemphasis on politicians, business honchos or entertainment and sports ‘celebrities’. As if the other professionals doesn’t matter. Add also the inclination nowadays to earn fast browny points on covering more of unashamedly blatant feminist subjects.

All this is somewhere unknowingly making many trusted names of not so long back fast lose their hard earned credibility of reporting.

Our intent is to help observe life from different perspectives. Of those aspects which are not always properly noticed. Reported. Or understood.

If you’ve reached us, you’re just click away of getting it straight from the horse’s mouth.

The Home page is in effect the magazine’s latest edition.

From mid of May 2014 to mid of May 2015, the info got archived from various online and offline sources. An assimilation and aggregation of which is worth preserving for mankind.

Subsequent to mid of May 2015, we’re keeping further info archiving work in abeyance and instead provide link to the source.

We recognize maybe Intellectual Property Rights (‘IPR’) of content mentioned in previous two paragraphs, are with original authors. We intend no harm. Views expressed are solely of the original authors. We may not/may agree or endorse. Please contact our editor at bonerjea@gmx.com if you have any issue with a content. It would immediately be acted upon and if need be, erased off from the magazine.

We and/or the source credit holders mentioned of the content are the owners of all IPR and the same is protected by IPR laws around the world. If it be for commercial purpose, no content or part thereof should be copied, modified, published, broadcast or otherwise distributed in any form without prior written permission.

You can contact us with info you’d like to get published. We would love to oblige if it’s in sync with the magazine’s intent.

On or before 2020, the magazine would be going up for merger and acquisitions. Already we’ve started receiving some proposals. If you’re keen and have a proposal too hard for us to resist, send it across. Before we end up striking a deal with your rival.

Looking forward to you joining in our wonderful journey. Take care.


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