Is Being A Lawyer Actually That Good For You?


That’s easy isn’t it? It’s going to be about stress. Everyone knows too much stress is bad for you and lawyers work too hard. The law’s often complicated and clients frequently stressed themselves, and that makes working with them stressful. For many, work brings them into contact with highly emotional, distressing situations. Others work in intensively competitive markets where the stakes can be extraordinarily high. There’s going to be stress. You can have all the resilience training you want but something’s going to leak through. And anyway, you’ve got pretty good at dealing with it haven’t you?

Well, yes but no. It is about stress, but not just the fact that there’s stress. What’s more interesting, and important, is what happens when we get stressed; how it affects us mentally.

It’s not an accident you became a lawyer, though you may think it is. I used to attribute it to a random conversation with some friends of my parents.

But, actually, I had all sorts of discussions with all sorts of people about what I was going to do. What made that one take seed? What draws certain people to the law? Yes, there’s financial reward, security, social status, intellectual interest – but, it turns out, those can all be available in other careers.

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Source Credits: Jonathan Coppin in The Lawyer. Image above shows two commercial lawyers working.

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