Maldives Coup: Another may well be underway


You don’t normally get advance warning of an attempt to topple a government. Efforts to oust leaders are risky undertakings and plotters usually keep their underhand schemes very secret. So I was very surprised when a colleague said she’d got the inside track on just such a plot in the Maldives.

Graham Greene would have immediately recognised the Maldives as the perfect setting for an exotic tale of tropical intrigue.

It consists of 26 coral atolls – 1,192 individual islands – stretching hundreds of miles into the blue vastness of the Indian Ocean like – and let me apologise in advance for this, because it is impossible not to sound like a holiday brochure – like “a string of pearls”.

Read more on this in the source site, after the first three paragraphs. Click.. here.

Source Credits: Justin Rowlatt in BBC Magazine

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