Cues To Impeccable Home When You Not Rich


How they stop their dining-room table from becoming a catchall and the exact color upholstery they buy that hides their messes best.

They choose forgiving decor

Some might call it deceiving, but we call it practical. When it comes to design elements and furniture, choose styles that are low maintenance. For example, kitchen tiles (or an entryway doormat) in a medium-toned pattern will conceal footprints and dirt better than tiles in a bright white marble. The same goes for glass coffee tables and mirrors, which will show fingerprints and cup rims as soon as you touch them. As for low-maintenance wood stains, look for colors on the middle of the spectrum; light stains will show dirt and dark stains will reflect dust. Here are more decorating mistakes that could make your home look messy.

Read more on this in the source site, after the above mentioned first cue. Click.. here.

Source Credits: Juliana LaBianca in Reader’s Digest

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