Best Tips To Make Your Best Shoes Last Long


How to keep your shoes looking as great as the day you bought them.

Know where to put your money

While some classic staples and utility shoes are worth the investment, many others aren’t. In general, both men’s and women’s workout sneakers and leather boots, as well as men’s dress shoes, are worth putting money into. With the proper care, they’ll last a long time (though less so with sneakers) and you’ll reap the benefit of a more expensive pair in both comfort and appearance. Women can save on basic black and nude pumps, flats and sandals, and trendy shoes in odd colors and designs. The rigors of daily use will wear them down no matter how much they cost. Have two or three investment pairs that can go anywhere, but that you don’t wear everywhere. Instead, keep them aside for special nights out (not when you’re pounding the pavement from nine to five). These simple fashion upgrades can make you look expensive.

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Source Credits: Juliana LaBianca in Reader’s Digest

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