Is Finland now officially the sick man of Europe?


That dismal description comes from the country’s own Finance Minister, Alexander Stubb.

We will get an update on Monday with data for the economy’s performance in 2015, which could show the fourth consecutive year of declining economic activity.

The broadest measure of that, GDP, is still about 7% below the high it reached at the end of 2007, just before the global financial crisis.

Most, though not all, eurozone countries have got back to those earlier levels and a bit above. Even one country that was bailed out, Ireland, is among those relatively strong performers.

Finland’s disappointing performance has also shown up in the unemployment figures, which rose from 6.2% of the workforce in early 2008 to 9.5% in the most recent figures.

So who is to blame?

Read more on this in the source site, after the first six paragraphs. Click.. here.

Source Credits: Andrew Walker in BBC World Service. The above photo is of a Helsinki Tram by Pajunen in DeviantArt.

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