Narcissist Prosecutor Help In Wrong Conviction

  • Marty Stroud, 64, says he has remorse for playing a part in the false conviction of Glenn Ford, who was in sentenced to death in 1984
  • Ford, who was the same age as Stroud, was wrongly convicted for of robbing and murdering a local jeweler in Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Ford spent three decades in a maximum-security prison until it was revealed in March 2014 that the state had convicted the wrong man
  • The father-of-four was released from prison soon after, but died in a hospice in June this year after a battle with lung cancer
  • Stroud said he ignored evidence that suggested other people were involved in the murder – in his first-ever death penalty case

Read in detail on this in the source site, after the bullet points. Click.. here.

Source Credits: Kelly McLaughlin in DailyMail

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