How To Deal With A Workplace Bully

While most people think of bullies as kids, bullying doesn’t end with high school. Childhood bullies often grow up to become office bullies. In fact, the Workplace Bullying Institute, estimates that up to one-third of employees may be victims of workplace bullying.

What Workplace Bullies Do

Workplace bullies behave similarly to teen bullies. In addition to intimidating their victims, they may spread rumors to tarnish a coworker’s reputation, or fail to invite an employee to a key team meeting. They may also make fun of their coworkers or tell inappropriate jokes at a victim’s expense.

Bullying isn’t just detrimental to victims, it damages the entire work environment. Workplace bullies impact every level of business, from productivity and profitability to creativity and office morale.

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Source Credits: Amy Morin in Forbes

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