How Mr Money Mustache Could Retire At Thirty

Can you imagine retiring in your 30s? One man in America did just that. Known to the outside world as ‘Mr Money Mustache’  (he wants to keep himself anonymous), he didn’t inherit a massive fortune, land a lottery win or work himself almost to death amassing a fortune in Wall St. Here’s how he managed it, and why he thinks you could too…

So what’s his secret? Essentially, his astonishing financial freedom has not been achieved by making shed loads of money, but by spending much, MUCH less. Then he has invested what he saved, until he had sufficient investments to say ‘so long’ to his employer and live a similarly frugal life on the returns.

“My wife and I studied engineering and computer science in Canada, then worked in standard tech-industry cubicle jobs in various locations throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s,” he explains.

Read more on this in the source site, after the first three paragraphs. Click.. here.

Source Credits: Felicity Hannah in Inspiring Money Stories

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