German Shepherds In Help To The Indian Tigers

India now has a new class of soldiers to tackle animal poachers—wildlife sniffer dogs.

 On June 20, these dogs were inducted into the forestry departments and police forces of various states after a “Passing Out Parade” held in Bhopal, in Madhya Pradesh.

Marching in front of a rapturous crowd was the batch of 14 sniffer dogs—all German Shepherds—along with their 28 handlers. Their induction marks a doubling of India’s strength of wildlife sniffer dogs.

 It wasn’t easy though. These dogs had to undergo a number of gruelling sessions to be trained at detecting wildlife products such as tiger skins, ivory tusks and bones of endangered birds. They are also trained to locate animals that have sustained injuries, which helps authorities to get hold of poachers swiftly.

Read more on this in the source site, after the first four paragraphs. Click.. here.

Source Credits: Kunal Sehgal and Maria Thomas in Quartz India

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