Free Windows 10 Upgrade To Kill Features Of Windows 8 & 7

Tempted by Windows 10? You should be.

I have been part of the Windows 10 beta program since day one and I’ve witnessed the evolution of an OS that blends the best aspects of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Unfortunately Microsoft has now also confirmed that Windows 10 will kill some of its predecessors’ most loved features.

Microsoft has confirmed this on its newly published Windows 10 specifications page under a section diplomatically called ‘Feature deprecation’.

In fairness some ‘feature deprecation’ makes sense – not all features last forever – but the surprise is Microsoft has chosen fairly large features that may even cause some users to think twice about upgrading.

To know more, visit the source site. Continue reading there after the first four paragraphs. Click on.. HERE.

Source Credits: Gordon Kelly in Forbes

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