An eye-opener study on contact lens bacteria

A small but intriguing new study may shed light on why people who wear contact lenses are more likely to get certain eye infections.

Using sophisticated genetic testing, researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center analyzed thousands of types of microorganisms and bacteria found in people’s eyes, and discovered that contact lens wearers tend to harbor different bacteria than people who don’t wear contacts — including several types of bacteria that don’t normally live in the eye.

“It’s a very interesting study and there were some very interesting results,” Dr. Christopher Starr, associate professor of ophthalmology at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, told CBS News, though he noted that the findings should be considered preliminary, since the study involved only 20 people and has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

“They found upwards of — over 5,000 unique types of bacteria that reside on the eyeballs of contact lens wearers and non-contact lens wearers,” Starr said. “A lot of those bacteria are ubiquitous, they’re everywhere, they’re on different parts of the body. And I suspect that if you tested other parts of the body you’d find a large variety of bacteria as well.”

To know more, visit the source site. Continue reading there after the first four paragraphs. Click on.. HERE.

Source Credits: CBS News

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