The Unfinished Business

There are many people lying in their graves whose business still remains unfinished. People who never got around to doing what they actually wanted to do in life or bring closure on certain issues. They probably died with a few regrets and disappointments. Don’t be one of them!

Unfinished business is a reference made to things that are still outstanding, usually in relationships. They could be business related such as a debt not repaid, or in personal relationships, a kindness not returned, an apology not made, forgiveness not rendered. Anything that would make the soul feel not at peace.

Finishing unfinished business isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes a great deal of inner work and reflection, a certain amount of humility and determination.

This need to clear things arises from the realization that, as Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius once said: “A wrongdoer is often one who has left something undone, not always someone who has done something.”

How many of us wish that we had another chance at putting right our wrongs or doing what we should have done in our floundering marriage, friendship feuds or disputes at work… before it was too late? Well, next time, instead of thinking about it, just do it. Bite the bullet and take that last step.

To know more, visit the source site. Continue reading there after the first five paragraphs. Click on.. HERE.

Source Credits: Aruna Ladva in BK Publications London, UK

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