Beer Company Is Brewing Pints From Sewage

An American brewing company has got the go-ahead to serve beer which has already traveled through other people’s kidneys.

The light, yellow lager beer will be brewed by home brewers using recycled sewage water in Oregon.

While some drinkers might balk at the frothy, golden brew, Oregon’s Clean Water Services hope it will show off just how pure the water they recycle from sewage is.

Drinking recycled sewage is quite common in some parts of the world – although less so in the UK.

Oregon waste water treatment company – Clean Water Services is proud of its ‘high purity’ recycling system – and applied to the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission to be allowed to brew it into beer.

Permission was granted this Wednesday.

A local home-brewing group, Oregon Brew Crew will now create a sewage beer to serve at company events – although the finished product will have to be passed by local health and safety.

The local health authority approved the idea, citing, ‘The high quality of the treated water, additional microbial reduction in the brewing process, and a low health risk overall.’

Many drinkers of course, may still be unsure….

Source Credits: Rob Waugh in Yahoo News UK

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2 Responses to Beer Company Is Brewing Pints From Sewage

  1. Giving up beer permanently sounds like a good idea


    • Bonerjea says:

      Yes, unless you have tailored your mind appropriately to the change in ingredients. Or you are pretty much sure that the one you are having does not come with that concern.

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