Never Prudent To Prejudge And Demean, Learnt Kurzawa

It is fair to say that events on Tuesday night will haunt France Under-21 international Layvin Kurzawa for some time.

The Monaco left-back was representing his country in a European Championship play-off and scored with just three minutes remaining.

The goal meant Sweden were still leading 3-1 on the night –  but, crucially, France were heading through to the finals in the Czech Republic on away goals.

With so little time remaining in the match, Kurzawa decided it was time to set off on a hugely ill-advised celebration.

He brought his hand to his head to deliver as clear a piece of sign language as you’ll ever see: “See ya later boys!”, his gesture screamed. “We’re on the way to the finals – and you’ll be watching on TV”.

Now, if he left it there it might have been okay since it wasn’t exactly grossly offensive. But Kurzawa chose to keep on pushing it, goading several Sweden players – including striker John Guidetti – by getting up in their faces and continuing the celebration.

All very unsavoury and, as it turns out, rather hilarious too.

Because who was to have a hand in another late goal just a minute later? None other than Guidetti, who helped cause chaos in the box as Oscar Lewicki struck an immediate response, putting Sweden through at the expense of France.

And unsurprisingly, Guidetti enjoyed the chance to have a pop back at his tormentor, Kurzawa.

The whole Sweden team got in on the act after qualification was secured.

And the fun continued in the dressing room as they posed for this hilarious picture.

And to rub things in, Kurzawa’s ridiculous behavior then sparked a predictable bout of mickey-taking on Twitter.

Coach Pierre Mankowski was not amused with the behaviour of his left-back: “I don’t think it’s normal (to provoke an opponent in this way). We have to respect everyone and especially our rival, even more with the game they played tonight.”

At least Kurzawa will have learned a valuable lesson. One which he’ll still be mulling over as he sits on his sofa next summer to watch the European U21 Championships on TV.

Source Credits: Eurosport

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  1. What goes around comes around


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