Au revoir ! 2.5 million French Now Moving Abroad


More and more French people are apparently choosing fish and chips over fromage et vin rouge because ‘it’s impossible to succeed’ in France.

Up to 2.5 million French nationals have bid ‘au revoir’ to their homeland, with almost 400,000 crossing the channel and heading to the UK capital, according to a French Foreign Ministry report.

A French parliamentary commission of inquiry is due to publish its findings on emigration on Tuesday, with the secretary general of the the centre-right UMP party, who chaired the commission, saying he believes French people have ‘the impression that it’s impossible to succeed.’

‘There is an anti-work mentality, absurd fiscal pressure, a lack of promotion prospects, and the burden of debt hanging over future generations,’ Luc Chatel told Le Figaro.

His remarks were echoed by Hélène Charveriat, the delegate-general of the Union of French Citizens Abroad.

‘Young people feel stuck, and they want interesting jobs. Businessmen say the labour code is complex and they’re taxed even before they start working,’ she told The Independent.

Mrs Charveriat added that the French exiles she had spoken to might agree ‘a bit’ with controversial comments made by John Lewis managing director Andy Street, in which he called the country ‘finished, sclerotic and downbeat.’

Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister of France, has already announced that the top income tax rate of 75 percent would be abolished next January after it prompted an exodus of scores of celebrities and business tycoons.

Source Credits: Metro News

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