87-year-old Brazilian wows World Cup fans with dazzling display

If you make it to the grand old age of 87, you could be forgiven for wanting to put your feet up and take things easy. You’ve earned it after a lifetime’s graft: time to pick a favourite armchair, commandeer the TV remote, and grumble loudly about how kids today have no idea how hard it was for you growing up – while simultaneously insisting that things were better in the good old days. And you’ve even earned the right not to care about the incompatibility of holding both those views at once.

But an 87-year-old in Brazil has eschewed such pleasures, and instead is using his golden years to perfect his keepy-uppy skills while parading up and down the Rio beachfront in his full national team kit.

The elderly gent seen in this Instagram clip hasn’t been identified by name, for some reason, but the Internet confidently asserts that he was born in 1927.

We’re not quite sure his age is being asserted without someone bothering to either find out (or make up) his name. Why stop with just his date of birth? We might as well also assert that he was one of the men who played on the losing Brazilian side in the 1950 World Cup final. Perhaps he was!

Ok, well, we just checked, and the last of the survivors from that team was centre back Juvenal Amarijo, who died in 2009. So this guy isn’t a former World Cup star. But still – check out those keepy-uppy skills!

Source Credits: Yahoo Sport (UK & Ireland)

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