Papad Selling Lady Of Exide Haldiram Crossing

Many of us saw her picture in social networking sites. I finally met her. Just outside the Exide Haldiram Crossing near Rabindra Sadan Metro Station.

She was sitting and selling papad (1 packet for Rs 10).

This old and frail lady in her mid 80’s, has a paralyzed son at home, is the only earning member of the family and definitely too proud to beg. Her clean clothes and sophisticated manners hints galore the unspoken stories of her past aristocracy.

One well dressed man took one packet of papad from her, gave her Rs 100 and vanished quickly in the crowd before she even got a better look at how much he has paid. He is not an exception, I observed people keep buying stuffs from her regularly even though they may not actually use them.

Felt proud that hearts still beat and bleed in this ‘City of Joy’ and all of us have not turned into stones yet.

Source Credits: Soumita Das

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8 Responses to Papad Selling Lady Of Exide Haldiram Crossing

  1. JobBlogger says:

    hey thats great you met her. i read about her on social media long back and wondered if she’s doing well and searched for her today to land here. can you please tell if she’s really from pali and travels all the way to kolkata everyday? the social media version also claims her son died of lung cancer and a nephew works as a coolie in pali. is all this true?


    • Bonerjea says:

      Good you got the info from here. Thank you very much, for the visit. Actually the person whom the ‘Source Credit’ is given.. met her. If we’re able to collect the info you spoke of, would surely pass it over to you.


  2. Debojyoti das says:

    Eyes fillup with tears


  3. Bonerjea says:

    Mr. Das.. we understand your sentiments.


  4. priyanka paul says:

    Ths is hppnd bcs it is the city of joy.thnk u fr gvng her intro bcs we dnt introduce such types of people.human should hlp ths kind of people nd should think tht ths is our duty to hlp such people to ovrcm frm thr situation.we r nt able to remv hr pvrty bt we cn hlp hr to live with hr fmly with a smile of hpyness.we all belong to one fmly.tht is nd let live.thank u kolkata..


    • Bonerjea says:

      Priyanka, sorry for replying late, but we’re indeed happy to have your beautiful comments on the topic here. We agree with you. As you remarked, our endeavour is to bring in focus info which people normally don’t. Thank you, for the appreciation !


  5. Shriyanka Paul says:

    Once i met her.i felt very peaceful from my heart.she is so simple.on that day my eyes were in tears seeing her not to see her selling the papad at that age but to see her will power.sometimes i lose my will power but whenever i think about her i gain it.the entire kolkata knows her and is helping her.i m also very much lucky to support her.thank u kolkata for doing such a really noble work.m proud to be a part of this city.God bless her.


    • Bonerjea says:

      Shriyanka, sorry to you too, for replying late. Thank you so much, for the touching feedback you shared of her here. Its as you said a good example of will power and a society which still makes one hope that not all are living dead. God be with her..


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