The Worst Of News For Living Things On Earth


It’s officially the beginning of the end for life on Earth, researchers say.

Earth’s atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have passed 400 parts per million — long regarded as the point of no return in the battle against climate change.

Researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography said the CO2 levels for September will definitely be above 400 ppm — a time when they typically record the lowest CO2 levels of the year. The findings come from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory, which has measured CO2 levels since 1958.

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Source Credits: Lauren Tousignant in New York Post

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Killing Nineteen Chinese Get Minimal Reporting


In a remote Chinese mountain village, 19 bodies were found. Among the dead was a 3-year-old. Hours later, a young man was arrested in connection with the killings.

Had this crime, discovered on Thursday morning, occurred in the United States, it would have ranked as one of the most horrific mass murders in the nation’s history, worse than the killings last year in San Bernardino, Calif., where 14 people died, and the 2012 shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., which killed 12.

But in China, the country’s censors have been hard at work taking down posts about the killings on social media that deviate from the terse, five-sentence account released Thursday afternoon by Xinhua, the official news agency, and dutifully reproduced in print and on the internet across the country.

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Source Credits: Michael Forsythe in The New York Times. Image above is from the city of Kunming.

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Impropriety Of Officers With Women Prisoners


They should be controlling, but not too controlling; caring, but not too caring. That’s how one corrections official describes the fine line that prison officers must walk in their dealings with inmates.

Veer too far in one direction and you end up with the horrors of Don Dale. Go too heavy on the “caring” and you end up with what is known in corrections parlance as an “inappropriate relationship”, or even a pregnant prisoner.

We still know little about the circumstances around the pregnancy of an inmate at Bandyup Women’s Prison, beyond the fact an officer has been suspended while an investigation continues.

We don’t know if it was too much “caring” by the officer, or an abuse of power, or both, or something else entirely. He apparently denies wrongdoing.

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Source Credits: Sophie Morris in The West Australian

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Iranian Mullah, Saudi Prince And Taqiyah Traps


Ever since they seized power in 1979, Iran’s ruling mullahs have faced the challenge of forging a synthesis between perception and reality. In almost every case, attempts at replacing reality with the perception of an ideal ends in grief. And in many cases, the ideological regime is prepared to sacrifice reality to perception. What matters is how things look, not how they are.

Iran’s Khomeinist regime is the latest illustration of that. The seizure of American hostages in 1979 ended with a disaster for the Iranian economy, not to mention the nation’s prestige. Yet, the ayatollah declared victory over the “Great Satan.”

In 1988, the eight-year war with Iraq had a humiliating end for the Islamic Republic. But, there too Khomeini crowed about his triumph, and ordered the execution of thousands of prisoners to divert attention.

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Source Credits: Amir Taheri in Asharq Al-Awsat. Image above shows protest against hijab in Sweden by Community Party of Iran and the Organization against Violence to Women in Iran.

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China stalk Indian warships in Japanese waters


A Chinese naval intelligence ship entered Japanese territorial waters off Kagoshima Prefecture on June 15, just six days after Tokyo filed a strong protest over the entry of a Chinese naval frigate into Japan’s contiguous zone near the disputed Senkaku Islands.

Coincidence? We think not.

These incidents clearly signal China’s intention to achieve its aims while ignoring the security concerns of neighboring countries.

The Chinese government contends that passage of the warship through Japanese territorial waters was legal under freedom of navigation laws. China’s Defense Ministry argues that the Tokara Strait south of Yakushima island in southern Japan is “a strait within territorial waters used for international navigation.”

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Source Credits: The Asahi Shimbun

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Michael Jackson Neverland Pedophilia Institute


Make no mistake: Michael Jackson wasn’t like the pervert priests who abused and destroyed children in an environment of institutionalized pedophilia. Michael Jackson was a rich and famous freak, so he had his own, private pedophilia institute in order to abuse and destroy children.

It was called Neverland Ranch, where he kept exotic animals in a zoo and exotic children in his bed. That’s what I believe at any rate.

Now one of those kids, choreographer Wade Robson, 33, has brought a suit against his estate claiming that Jackson ran “the most sophisticated child abuse procurement and facilitation operation the world has known.” And I believe that too.

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Source Credits: Linda Stasi in New York Daily News

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Is Being A Lawyer Actually That Good For You?


That’s easy isn’t it? It’s going to be about stress. Everyone knows too much stress is bad for you and lawyers work too hard. The law’s often complicated and clients frequently stressed themselves, and that makes working with them stressful. For many, work brings them into contact with highly emotional, distressing situations. Others work in intensively competitive markets where the stakes can be extraordinarily high. There’s going to be stress. You can have all the resilience training you want but something’s going to leak through. And anyway, you’ve got pretty good at dealing with it haven’t you?

Well, yes but no. It is about stress, but not just the fact that there’s stress. What’s more interesting, and important, is what happens when we get stressed; how it affects us mentally.

It’s not an accident you became a lawyer, though you may think it is. I used to attribute it to a random conversation with some friends of my parents.

But, actually, I had all sorts of discussions with all sorts of people about what I was going to do. What made that one take seed? What draws certain people to the law? Yes, there’s financial reward, security, social status, intellectual interest – but, it turns out, those can all be available in other careers.

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Source Credits: Jonathan Coppin in The Lawyer. Image above shows two commercial lawyers working.

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The horse algebra puzzle baffling the internet


Do you think you’re good at math? If so, this baffling brainteaser is for you.

The latest maths puzzle messing with people’s minds involves horses, horse shoes and some trendy cowboy boots.

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Source Credits: Leah Cohen in Yahoo7 Be

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Russia Face Onslaught Of The Siberian Plague


As global warming melts the permafrost, anthrax and other pathogens arise from their centuries-old slumber.

Russian scientists have contained an outbreak of the Siberian plague, a bacterial infection known in the West as anthrax, but they believe global warming will bring back even more pathogens, such as those dormant in the frozen remains of mammoths.

In Russia’s Far North, in the Yamalo-Nenets region, authorities have been fighting an outbreak of the Siberian plague, which is called anthrax in the West. More than 2,000 reindeer have died, and 90 local tribe members have been hospitalized, of which 53 are children. In the beginning of August, a 12-year old boy died in hospital.

“Children were infected as a result of traditional customs,” said Anna Popova, head of Russia’s public health watchdog, Rospotrebnadzor. Some families in Yamalo-Nenets still drink deer blood and eat raw meat. In accordance with tradition, children remove the reindeer veins with their teeth. “They make threads out of reindeer blood vessels,” Popova explained. She added that it was impossible to avoid infection in such a situation.

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Source Credits: Svetlana Arkhangelskaya in Russia Beyond The Headlines

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Why many employers getting rid of sick leaves?


We’ve all had the weekday morning roll around when the night before is all too fresh in our minds — or perhaps a hazy mess. Or that morning when you wake up and just simply can’t deal with facing your boss, and that nasty co-worker who is always making your life miserable. Or perhaps you simply need a day away from the spreadsheets, the customers, and the mind-numbing routine you call work.

In most companies, your only way out involves pulling a modern-day Ferris Bueller, running a thermometer under hot water (or whatever makes you feel slightly better about your subterfuge), and then calling your boss — hoping he buys the sniffles you’re conjuring up. Taking a much-needed personal day turns into a mini saga reminiscent of the soap operas your mom used to watch, and you spend half your day wondering if they’ll believe you the next time you really are sick.

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Source Credits: Nikelle Murphy in CheatSheet

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